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The City of Mountain Iron operates and maintains a municipal water system. Water is provide through two wells and processed through the City’s Water Treatment Plant which is located on Mineral Avenue. Storage consists of on elevated storage tank and one at grade reservoir.

Water for Mountain Iron is supply through two wells with a 1,000 gallon a minute pumping capacity. Mountain Iron has one ground and one elevated storage tank with a total holding capacity of 1,575,000 gallons. The daily average demand on the system is 200,000 gallons with a peak demand of 400,000 gallons.

Questions regarding the system or to sign up for service please contact the City Hall at (218)748-7570.

Water rates are as follows:


Metered Water Rate

Residential: $15.00 per month service charge
$2.20 per 1000 gallons

Commercial: $25.00 per month service charge
$2.20 per 1000 gallons

Flat Rates for Unmetered Useage

Each Residential Dwelling Unit $30.00
Municipal Facilities $50.00


Consumer Confidence Report: City of Mountain Iron 2012 Drinking Water Report

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