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City of Mountain Iron, Minnesota

Customer Service Standards

Customer service is a vital part of our duties that provides assistance to all customers in a polite, respectful manner. Our customers are all persons or businesses, internally and externally, with whom we, as City employees, interact.

We value our customers’ questions, comments and concerns, and their confidence in our ability to provide services. City employees recognize and understand the intrinsic importance of the customer. Our customers should feel comfortable, respected, and satisfied as we do our best to serve them.

As a result, it is inherent in the mission of Mountain Iron’s operations to provide a high level of service to its customers.

“Our customers have a right to expect…”

That the person answering the phone will speak clearly and courteously.

That the employee will ask how they can help.

That the employee will listen carefully and attentively.

The employee will clarify the customer’s request and verify contact information.

That phone messages left shall be responded to in a timely manner, 24 hours, even if just to acknowledge receipt.

A return call if the requested information is not immediately available.

The phone will be answered promptly (within three rings).

A person, not voicemail, will answer their calls.

The staff member answering the phone will listen and understand the nature of the requests before transferring the calls, inform the callers where they are being transferred to.

The person at the answering will, before transferring the call, provide the option to go to voicemail or take a message.

The person answering the call will make a reasonable effort to provide information about the City and, as appropriate and reasonable, other outside agencies.

The outgoing voicemail message will be kept current.

The voicemail message gives an optional phone number to call.

When multiple calls are received, calls will be answered in order; callers will be asked if their call may be put on hold; the first caller will be returned to first; and the employee will continue to answer the lines in order of the calls received.

If there is a person at a counter and the phone rings, the employee will acknowledge the customer at the counter, answer the telephone, tell the caller that a customer is waiting, and give the caller the option of being put on hold or having their call returned.

There will always be telephone coverage at each during business hours.

All incoming phone calls coming from external sources will be answered with a consistent greeting such as “City of Mountain Iron, may I help you?”

City staff will leave their full names, phone numbers, and times available when leaving messages for customers.

Written Correspondence
(Includes Letters, Memoranda, E-mails & Faxes)
“Our customers have a right to expect…”

Correspondence that provides specific information and details in a courteous manner.

Correspondence to be distributed to all appropriate individuals.

Any correspondence, notifications, and/or replies to inquiries in a timely fashion.

The content will be correct as to spelling and grammar, including name and address.

Complete, accurate, and precise information regarding their inquiries.

A timely response to their requests, or a communication explaining the delay, if necessary.

That their e-mails will be responded to within 24 hours, when appropriate.

That a fax cover sheet includes name, telephone number, and the name and fax number of the receiver. Fax cover sheets should be legible.

“Our customers have a right to expect…”

City publications will be grammatically and contextually correct.

City publications will be timely and provide accurate contact information.

That all information contained on the web site is accessible, current, and accurate.

Personal Contact – One on One
“Our customers have a right to expect…”

That employees ask for appropriate contact information: name, address, phone number, and nature of complaint or inquiry.

That employees respond to customers in a courteous manner.

That employees provide accurate and understandable answers to customer requests or direct the customer to the appropriate person who may have knowledge in the subject matter.

A timely, courteous acknowledgement, such as eye contact or a positive indication that the staff member knows they are there, especially if the staff member is on the phone or with another customer.

The City employee will listen to their requests/questions and ask for clarification if needed.

That the counter will be staffed during business hours.

“Our customers have a right to expect…”

Timely and accurate bills that include detailed information, procedures for payment, and contact information.

User-friendly bills/statements.

That the City is prepared to handle the daily monetary exchanges.

Accuracy in financial transactions.

That they will receive receipts or verifications of transactions if requested.

“Our customers have a right to expect…”

That employees provide well planned and organized events to customers staffed by knowledgeable individuals.

That the City provides appropriate advertisement/literature about an event(s).

“Our customers have a right to expect…”

Postings that include accurate information as to dates, times, and locations of a meeting.

City representatives will conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Inquiries will be responded to in a timely manner.

Employees will be prepared to begin and end meetings as scheduled.

They will be given reasonable advance notice of meetings.

They will be informed of schedule changes or cancellations prior to the meeting.

Agendas will be available and distributed in advance of meetings.

Meetings will start on time and end on time.

Meetings will be organized, run efficiently and conducted in a professional manner.

Security will be provided at meetings involving sensitive issues.

News Releases
“Our customers have a right to expect…”

That news releases will be accurate as to spelling, grammar and content, and pre-approved by the City Administrator.

Public Amenities
“Customers have a right to expect…”

Properly maintained facilities, which are sanitary, completely operational, fully stocked and supplied, accessible, adequate to need, and compliant with ADA standards.

Appropriate and timely responses to identified problems at a facility.

That hours of regular operation will be posted.

Event Insurance

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The campground office is open annually May-September. If you have any questions about reservations outside of these months, please call Mountain Iron City Hall at 218-748-7570.

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