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City of Mountain Iron, Minnesota


The City of Mountain Iron has three buildings available for use by the public. Various size and types of events may be hosted in the facilities. Rents were established by the City Council through the Buildings Use Policy. Following are pictures and video of the three building available.

Mountain Iron Community Center - outside
Mountain Iron Community Center - Inside
Mountain Iron Community Center - Inside

The Mountain Iron Community Center is available for rent. Groups up to 350 can easily be accommodated. Full kitchen facilities available.

Currently available is the Mountain Iron Community Center/City Hall. The 13,000 square foot facility is located South of Highway 169 between Mineral Avenue and Mud Lake Road.

The Community Center will be able to accommodate over 350 people for banquets, receptions, etc. The Community Center also has kitchen facilities available on site.

For smaller events, an activities room is available. The activities room will be able to hold approximately 50-60 people comfortably. This room also serves as the City Council Chambers for the Mountain Iron City Council.

Mountain Iron Community Center - exterior
Mountain Iron Community Center - Inside
Mountain Iron Community Center - Inside


Mountain Iron’s municipal offices are housed in the building. This includes all government offices, Mountain Iron Public Utilities and the Sheriffs Office.

If you are interested in using all or part of the facility, please contact the City of Mountain Iron at (218)748-7570

The Mountain Iron Senior Citizens Center is available to the public. The Center is ideal for your medium sized events.

Located on Main Street, the Mountain Iron Senior Center is available for public use. The building is excellent for medium sized events and has a full kitchen available. Please contact the City of Mountain Iron for availability and bookings for the Mountain Iron Senior Center.

The Nichols Town Hall will provide an excellent location for your smaller events.

Minimum kitchen facilities are available.

The Town Hall is great for meetings of clubs, birthday parties and for rummage sales.

Nichols Town Hall is located in the Parkville Neighborhood of Mountain Iron. Two Blocks north of Highway 169 County Highway 102. Two Blocks North of L&M Fleet Supply.

Please contact the City of Mountain Iron to check availability and rent the Nichols Town Hall.


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218-735-8831 or 218-749-0533

The campground office is open annually May-September. If you have any questions about reservations outside of these months, please call Mountain Iron City Hall at 218-748-7570.

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