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City employees attempt to read electric and water meters at each residence or business during the last few days of each month.  It is very important for the meters to be accessible to City employees for this purpose.  Snow must be cleared from outside meters and a pathway shoveled to them for access.  If the customer does not answer the door to allow City employees access to indoor meters, the employee leaves a meter reading card on the premises.  Customers receiving the cards can call, email (, mail in or drop off the readings in the utility payment drop boxes or at City Hall in person.  If customers do not know how to read their meters or have any questions about obtaining readings, they are encouraged to call the City Hall (218) 748-7570 for information or instructions.  It is not necessary to have a meter reading card in order to read meters.  It is necessary to have actual reading for all meters at each residence or business.  According to City Policy, a penalty charge of $25.00 for estimating electric or water use for two months in a row will be billed each month that the usage is estimated.


The City of Mountain Iron owns and operates its own electrical system which services portions of the City. Areas served include the Old Town, Unity Addition, Parkville, Stoney Brooke, West Virginia, Westgate, and South Grove neighborhoods as well as the Enterprise Zone commercial area.

Questions regarding the system or to sign up for service please contact the City Hall at (218)748-7570.

For any outages, please call 1-888-223-9883

Electrical Department rates are as follows:

Residential Service Rate: $10.00/month service charge
$ .078 per kwh

General Service Rate: $20.00/month service charge
$ .078 per kwh

Power Service Rate: $20.00/month service charge
Energy Charge: $ .060/kwh
Demand Charge: $18.50 per KW

Municipal Service Rate: No Demand meter
Energy Charge: $ .078 per kwh

With Demand Meter
Energy Charge: $.060 per kwh
Demand Charge: $15.00 per KW

Off-Peak Water Heating: Energy charge $.078 per kwh (No longer available)

Energy Adjustment: An energy adjustment shall be applied and adjusted on all
rates monthly when a positive charge is applied by
Minnesota Power.

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