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Utility Advisory Board Meeting Minutes for April 26, 2016





The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m. by Chairperson Renzaglia.  Members present:  Reynold Renzaglia, Harvey Hellyer, Bruce Peterson, Joe Matanich and Susan Tuomela. Others present:  Michael Downs, Public Works Director, Joe Prebeg, Council Liaison, and Lisa Stevens, Accounting Technician.


It was moved by Hellyer and supported by Peterson to approve the minutes of the February 3, 2016 meeting. The motion carried unanimously.


No one was present at the public forum.


The Public Works Director reported that there was only one broken waterline all winter.


The Public Works Director mentioned there are adapters for the Type A meter bases that would only cost around $40.00. The City would supply the adapters and pay for the electricians to change. Spring Creek from downtown Mt. Iron was the first to try the adapters on their meters and seems successful. The adapters allow for the Type A meters not needing to be changed out at the customers’ expense.


Discussion took place concerning any new houses that are being built whether the old or new meter types were being installed. Mike Downs confirmed that the new meters would be installed.


The Board discussed at length a new online payment system to be implemented. The system is called the Payment Service Network (PSN) that would cost the City $230.00 per year. The residents would pay fees related to the checking/saving and credit card services.   The Board members questioned whether the online system would allow payments other than utilities, such as building rentals and campground fees, be processed.


It was moved by Renzaglia and supported by Matanich to recommend PSN for $230.00 with option 1 for the residents to pay any other service fees and for the City to research further into allowing the other payments to be processed through this technology.  The motion carried unanimously.


The spring clean-up was mentioned that the letters were sent even though the Board had not approved it.


The next meeting was scheduled for May 24, 2016.


At 4:40 p.m., it was moved by Renzaglia and supported by Hellyer to adjourn the meeting.  The motion carried and the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Stevens

Accounting Technician

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