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UAB 082818 Minutes

Mountain Iron Utility Advisory Board


28 August 2018

Meeting was called to order 4:00 p.m. by Chairperson Renzaglia

Members present:  Reynold Renzaglia, Sue Tuomela, Bruce Peterson, and Mike Downs.  Others present:  Joe Prebeg, Council Liaison, Tim Satrang, Public Works Director, Lisa Stevens, Accounting Technician, Ty Hebl, Lead Water/Wastewater Operator, and Bradford Bennett, Water/Wastewater Operator.

Absent:  Harvey Hellyer

Moved by Downs and supported by Tuomela to approve the Consent Agenda including the 24 April 2018 minutes.  Motion carried unanimously.

Public Forum:  None


            No outages, No breaks, No reports

Old Business:

  • Nichols Lagoons: Satrang reported that final grading is complete on both the primary and secondary cells.  Seeding started on 25 June 2018.  An emergent wetland seed mix made up of mostly native river bulrush along with a cover crop of oats was broadcasted.  The concrete control structures have all been removed and a safer, permanent water level control has been constructed.  After one year, if specified growing requirements are not met, additional vegetation maintenance and/or reseeding at no expense to the City may need to take place.  It is crucial the first year to keep the water out of the basins as the plants start by seed, then spread by root.  The contractor is responsible for pumping the water out for the first year after seeding. 
  • Water Treatment Facility:  Satrang reported the city will take an approach to find funding to solve the entire water project because of the condition of our water filters, and the need to repair and paint our water tower.  Renzaglia asked what would be a priority project; most likely the filter and the water tower.  One filter already has a hole in it, and it’s been advised we make a move on our tower before permanent structure damage occurs. 
  • Electrical Voltage conversion: New cable has been plowed in from the new substation to the existing feed under Highway 53 heading south.  Crews are installing J- Boxes and moving forward with the conversion.    
  • Transformer Storage Area/PCB project: This will continue this spring.
  • Reviewed Large Trash Pick-Up. Overall it seemed to be another successful year.  Staff received good feedback from our residents.  Participants were respectful to the rules and yards were cleaned up afterward.  The county made it simple to manage and were very good to work with. 
  • Garbage Truck Replacement: Satrang presented a 2020 International Truck with a Cummings Engine at a State Bid Price from Skubic Bros. along with a 2019 Heil Rapid Rail Side Loader garbage Truck Priced from Sourcewell. It was discussed International 2020 would be the newest model and the Heil 2019 would be its newest model.  If purchased today, the City would likely not take possession of the unit for nine months.  After much discussion, it was moved by Downs, and seconded by Peterson to recommend the purchase of a 2020 International chassis along with a Heil Rapid Rail Side Loader for the purchase of $211,304.34.  Motion pass unanimously.  

New Business:

Discussion took place on Lake Country Powers challenge of territory in the woodland addition.

  • Discussion on Enterprise funds and the need to look at rates or cut costs.
  • Bradford Bennett gave a presentation of the valve exercising program and the collection of GPS coordinates. He showed how Valve info or Transformer info shows up on a mapping system on the computer.  He also discussed entering the data on smart phones and consistently walking up within a foot of a location. 
  • Discussion on manhole adjustments being made around town. Several Ann’s Acres Covers have been adjusted.  

Other Items of Concerns:

  • A tour of the Wastewater Treatment Facility was given by Ty Hebl and Bradford Bennet

            Meeting Adjourned at 4:55pm

            Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Stevens

Accounting Technician

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