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City of Mountain Iron, Minnesota

Resolution Number 44-16 Sulfate Standards





WHEREAS, the Minnesota Legislature passed legislation in 2011, directing the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) to undertake a study to determine the appropriate wild rice sulfate standard and to establish a wild rice advisory panel, and


WHEREAS, the legislation also set forth a time frame and date for enactment of the new wild rice standard, said date being January 15, 2018, and


WHEREAS, prior to the enactment and implementation of any new standards the Minnesota Administrative Procedures Act requires the MPCA to put forth a “reasonable effort” to provide an analysis of the costs of proposed regulations to municipalities and the state, thus enabling an “informed public” to comment during the rulemaking process and included as an attachment to the SONAR as required, and


WHEREAS, the MPCA determined that it was necessary and appropriate to issue a formal request for proposal (RFP) for an independent analysis of multiple treatment options for municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) as well as to provide a cost analysis for the treatment of sulfate, and


WHEREAS, the formal RFP allowed for a completion date of May 31, 2018, for this analysis of treatment options and the economic assessment for the WWTPs, as well as to fee-payers and communities and that date is five months after the effective date of the newly proposed sulfate standards,


NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF MOUNTAIN IRON, MINNESOTA, that the City of Mountain Iron respectfully, but urgently requests that the MPCA take immediate action to remedy this situation that is nonsensical and will limit open and honest discussion of the proposed wild rice standard rules in public hearings that are set to begin in the spring of 2017, and


BE FURTHER RESOLVED, that the City of Mountain Iron also requests on behalf of greater Minnesota residents in the Taconite Assistance Area, as well as all of Minnesota, the MPCA shall schedule public hearing sessions in locations across greater Minnesota, not just in St. Paul, to assure attendance by rural residents and local elected officials as the vast majority of communities that may be impacted by the new standard are likely to be located in greater Minnesota.





Mayor Gary Skalko




City Administrator

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