The Taconite Capital of the World

City of Mountain Iron, Minnesota

Resolution Number 04-18



WHEREAS, the expansion of high speed, quality broadband into our rural communities is a key component to economic diversity and development as well as a requirement for the education of our youth who are daily utilizing tech devices at school and at home, and to enable remote work from home employees to retain gainful employment while dealing with daycare service shortages, and

WHEREAS, the price of installing fiber networks can be prohibitively expensive and time consuming as well as disruptive to traffic routes, city streets, or the  public right of way, resulting in traffic delays, detours and overall inconvenience for residents and taxpayers, and

WHEREAS, our communities, counties and even the state incur repetitive excavations of public intersections, crossways, and public right of way for multiple utility repairs, improvements, installations and maintenance, and

WHEREAS, most broadband investments are made by local governments in partnership with private sector providers of internet services, and

WHEREAS, according to a study by the GAO (Government Accountability Office), Dig Once policies can reduce the cost of deploying fiber under federal highways in urban areas by 25-33 percent, and by roughly 16 percent in rural areas, and installation of conduit adds only one to two dollars per foot, and

WHEREAS, the adoption of a “Dig Once Policy” would enable local, county or state governments to control and require the installation of multi-use conduit when an excavation is to occur thereby significantly reducing the cost of installation for broadband at a later date, provide for collaboration between utility providers and ensure the potential for growth of broadband in our region.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF MOUNTAIN IRON, MINNESOTA,  that it adopts this resolution calling on all local government units and our county government units to sincerely consider the development and adaption of a Dig Once policy that will minimize disruptions in the public right of way while facilitating more cost effective installation and expansion of broadband in our region and provide for an effective means for local governments to control excavation activities within their communities for the long term benefit of their citizens.





Mayor Gary Skalko





City Administrator

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