The Taconite Capital of the World

City of Mountain Iron, Minnesota

Resolution 57-99 Authorizing Sale of Property



WHEREAS>, the City Council has heretofore determined that it is beneficial to the City of Mountain Iron to convey certain property to Spring Creek Outfitters, Inc., a Minnesota corporation.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF MOUNTAIN IRON, MINNESOTA, that the Mayor and City Administrator, upon receipt of payment, execute the deed to convey to Spring Creek Outfitters, Inc., a Minnesota corporation, real property in St. Louis County, Minnesota, described as follows:

East 60 feet of the South 32 feet of Lot Seven (7), Block Fifteen (15), East 60 feet of North half (N1/2) of Lot Eight (8), Block Fifteen (15), and the East 72 feet of the South half (S1/2) of Lot Eight (8), Block Fifteen (15), all in the TOWN OF GRANT, according to the recorded plat thereof and file and of record in the office of the County Recorder in and for St. Louis County, Minnesota

DULY Adopted by the City Council this 6th day of December, 1999.

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