The Taconite Capital of the World

City of Mountain Iron, Minnesota

Resolution 08-99 Volunteer Week



WHEREAS, volunteers have enriched the life of our community through their concern, commitment, and generosity of spirit; and,

WHEREAS, volunteerism embodies a spirit of giving and spirit of growth; and,

WHEREAS, volunteers are a vital resource and have contributed to the health, education, welfare, recreation, culture and environment of the City of Mountain Iron; and,

WHEREAS, the hard work and commitment of volunteers has enriched and vitalized our efforts; and, 

WHEREAS, we wish to Celebrate Minnesota Volunteers in Mountain Iron, thanking them for their selfless efforts and dedication.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Mayor Mitchell Brunfelt of Mountain Iron, Minnesota, does hereby proclaim the week of April 18-24, 1999, as MOUNTAIN IRON VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION WEEK.

Approved and duly adopted this 5th day of April, 1999.

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