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City of Mountain Iron, Minnesota

P&Z Minutes 08-14-17

Mountain Iron Planning and Zoning Commission

August 14, 2017


Meeting was called to order at 6 p.m. by Chairman Steve Skogman.


Those Present: Ray Saari, Jim Techar, Tim Johnston, Steve Skogman, Barb Fivecoate, Margaret Soyring, James Kohler, and Jerry Kujala, planning and zoning administrator.


Motion by Skogman and supported by Fivecoate to approved the minutes of the June 26, 2017 meeting as presented.

Motion carried.


At 6:05 it was moved by Fivecoate and supported by Johnston to recess the regular meeting and open the public hearing.

Motion carried.


The purpose of the public hearing is to consider a request made by Habitat for Humanity, for a Variance Permit to construct a new home with a reduction in the required setback from 25 ft. to 16 ft. on Locomotive Street and reduction in the required setback from 25 ft. to 20 ft. on Mesabi Avenue. The property is legally described as follows:

Lot 0001, Block 015, Town of Grant in City of Mountain Iron


Address: 5700 Mesabi Avenue, Mountain Iron, MN 55768


Parcel Code: 175-0010-01560


There was no one in the audience to speak for or against. Nathan Thompson, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity was in attendance to answer any questions.


Motion was made by Fivecoate and supported by Techar to adjourn the public hearing and resume the regular meeting.

Motion carried.


Motion by Fivecoate and supported by Saari to recommend to the City Council to approve the Variance for Habitat for Humanity at their next regular meeting.

Motion carried.


A motion was made by Fivecoate and seconded by Soyring to request Craig Wainio to provide the commission members with updated Ordinances.

Motion carried.



Motion to adjourn at 6:35 by Fivecoate and supported by Kohler.

Motion carried.



Respectfully Submitted by:

Margaret Soyring, Secretary



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