The Taconite Capital of the World

City of Mountain Iron, Minnesota

Public Health and Safety Minutes 04-26-17

Public Safety and Health Board

Minutes for Meeting 04-26-2017


1834 Called to order

Roll Call: Skogman, Stanaway, SoyRing


Consent Agenda

 Motion to accept consent agenda by Soyring which was seconded by Skogman. Motion was passed as unanimous.


Staff Reports

First Responders: recent meeting of this group was held.


Fire Department: Compressor is at the hall awaiting wiring.

            #34 is being worked on to return it to operational condition.


Sheriff’s Department: Information current state of opiate overdoses in Mt. Iron. Deputies have deployed Narcan 3 times in the last twelve months and the ambulance/hospital another 2. Usage rate is quite high. Likelihood of Fentanyl spiked Heroin in overdoses.


Old Business

Blight ordinance tabled until City Administrator is at meeting. Sergeant Backman indicated he could appoint a deputy as Blight Enforcement Officer.


New Business

Snowmobile Ordinance: some discussion involving best practices implementations. Tabled (Motion by Skogman, seconded by Soyring) to get feedback/participation from the local club.  Sgt. Backman will contact them.


Motion made to adjourn by Stanaway and was seconded by Soyring.  Approved unanimously.


1948 hrs Adjourned

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