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Meeting Minutes for September 29, 1998



SEPTEMBER 29, 1998

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Mayor Brunfelt with the following members present: Stephen Skogman, Joe Matanich, Curt Piri, and Mayor Mitchell Brunfelt. Absent member included: Carolyn Olsen. Also present were: Craig J. Wainio, City Administrator; Jill M. Forseen, Deputy Clerk; Don Kleinschmidt, Director of Public Works; Larry Nanti, Recreation Director; and Greg French, City Engineer.

The Mayor said that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss issues raised regarding the Mesabi Trail.

At 6:31 p.m., Councilor Carolyn Olsen entered the meeting.

Bob Manzoline, Director for the St. Louis and Lake Counties Regional Railroad Authority, reviewed the maps with the City Council. They discussed the location of the trail along the Parkville Road. Mr. Manzoline said that he and Mr. French met with USX Corporation Officials this morning to discuss the location of the trail in Parkville. He said that they could not determine who owned the street, USX or the City of Mountain Iron, and there was no documentation. Mr. Manzoline said that USX Corporation Officials do not want to have the trail on Old Highway 169 because USX purchased the land to create a buffer zone for blasting and do not want to have to close the trail for blasting. Mr. Manzoline said that the Rail Authority has easements and leases for trails that cross USX Corporation property and they want to abide by their wishes to not pursue locating a trail where they do not want them to locate.

The Council discussed the trail designation as a motorized or non-motorized route. Mr. Manzoline said that the current designation is non-motorized. The Mayor said that he would like to bring snowmobilers into town by designating the trail as motorized. Councilor Skogman said that he thinks the Council should consider building a snowmobile trail and still have the current trail designated as non-motorized. Mr. Manzoline said that there are different regulations for motorized and non-motorized trails. 

The Council discussed the County Road 109 (3rd Street) in Parkville segment of the trail. Mr. Manzoline said that there are some wetlands in the area that make building the trail along the side of County Road 109 difficult. Mr. Manzoline said that the trail along the street meets the Minnesota State bicycle standards. Mr. Manzoline suggested having the old Parkville skating rink site designated as a parking area for cars to park and people to start on a trail. 

Mayor Brunfelt asked Mr. Manzoline to prepare a feasibility study and plans for options on County Road 109 in Parkville and bring the information back to the City Council to review. Mr. Manzoline said that he would have to approach the State of Minnesota regarding crossing their land west of County Road 109 for a snowmobile trail. 

Mr. Manzoline asked the City Council if they would be receptive to approving the portion of the trail from Station 12 to the East City limits (Intersection of Parkville Road and County Road 109 and the intersection of Old Highway 169 and Highway 53). The Mayor said that they would act on that portion of the trail during the October 5, 1998 City Council meeting. 

Mr. Manzoline informed the Council that the Minnesota Department of Transportation had issued a limited use permit for the Highway 53 and Old Highway 169 intersection for non-motorized use. 

At 7:16 p.m., the Mayor adjourned the meeting. 

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