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Meeting Minutes for May 26, 1998

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Mayor Brunfelt with the following members present: Carolyn Olsen, Stephen Skogman, Joe Matanich, and Mayor Mitchell Brunfelt. Absent member included: Curt Piri. Also present were: Craig J. Wainio, City Administrator; Jill M. Forseen, Deputy Clerk; Larry Nanti, Recreation Director; and Karen Luoma, Librarian.

Audience members included: Ed Roskoski Dorothy Johnson

Emil Johnson Mark Kailanen

The Mayor informed the audience of the reasons for holding the hearing and reviewed the options for the City Hall to be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

At 6:34 p.m., Councilor Curt Piri entered the meeting.

The Mayor informed the audience that there had been talk around the city that the costs for the City Hall to be compliance with ADA are overstated or overestimated. He informed the audience that an architectural firm had completed the estimates and they are accurate. The Mayor said that the City Administrator had researched the surrounding communities and put together some comparative data regarding expenses for work completed on ADA compliance.

The Mayor said that the City Council is conducting the public meetings to seek public input on this very important issue in the city. He said that the Council has to make a decision and the more public input received the better.

Emil Johnson asked if this issue would come to a vote if the city hall is renovated or if a new one is construction. The Mayor said that this issued would not come to a vote because there would be no bonding to complete the project. The Council is elected to make these decisions.

Dorothy Johnson said that the City Council should look to the future and have all of the buildings located on Eighth Street. She said that some residents voted against the Community Center saying that the City Hall was more important and they would have voted for the bonding issue if it had been for City Hall.

Mr. & Mrs. Emil Johnson also said that they had no problem with the public facility being located by their home on Eighth Street.

Mark Kailanen asked what the next step of the City Council would be with regard to the City Hall issue.

The Mayor advised Mr. Kailanen that no specific time table had been established for a decision on the City Hall issue. The Mayor said that he has had many conversations with residents regarding the issue. He said that the Council now has to make a decision that would be best for the community as a whole. He thought that the Council would make a decision within the next month. He requested that the City Hall issue remain on the City Council meeting agenda until a decision was made.

At 6:44 p.m. the Mayor adjourned the meeting.

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