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Meeting Minutes for July 15, 1999


The meeting was called to order at 3:32 p.m. by Mayor Brunfelt with the following members present: Carolyn Olsen, Stephen Skogman, Joe Matanich, Curt Piri, and Mayor Mitchell Brunfelt. Also present: Jill M. Forseen, Deputy Clerk; Don Kleinschmidt, Director of Public Works; Larry Nanti, Recreation Director; Joe Prebeg, Building Committee Chairman; and Mark Wirtanen, Architect.

The Mayor said that the purpose of the meeting was to have a presentation from the Architect of the plans and specifications for the Community Center/City Hall building.

At 3:34 p.m., Karen Luoma, Librarian entered the meeting.

The Architect explained some of the construction details to the Council, (a copy is attached and made a part of these minutes). He said that the construction documents are being processed.

He explained what type of construction materials that will be used as follows:

Exterior walls -structural brick (using different kinds of brick to give some character to the facade)

Interior walls -drywall with paint/two layers of two inch foam between the brick and drywall

Roof -two pitched roof pieces, 300 lb. fiberglass based asphalt shingles

Windows -aluminum, one inch insulated glass

Interior doors -Solid core, oak veneer

Commons area -epoxy paint with a granite look, possibly upgrade to ceramic tile or quarry tile if there are funds available

Vestibules -ceramic tile, 8 x 8 or 12 x 12

Restrooms -ceramic tile, 2 x 2 on the floor and wanes coat up 4 feet in the restrooms

Office area -carpeting

Activity room -carpeting

Banquet room -vinyl composition tile, 12 x 12

Kitchen -equipment not included, floor-poured epoxy floor, not as slippery

Mechanical rm -sealed concrete finish on the floors

Heating -system will be a hot water system, need to ventilate by bringing in outside air

Cooling -air conditioned, if the city runs into budget shortfalls this can be eliminated

Data and telephone system-empty box in pipe, allowing for changes to equipment in the future

Lighting -banquet rooms, two different types of lights, one to read and one dimmer for dances, etc.

Kitchen -rolling steel shutters

Banquet room -wall to divide banquet room, the walls are not accordion, they pull out in sections

Building size -13,270 square feet for the entire building

The Mayor asked the Council if there were any questions.

The Mayor asked what the costs per square foot were estimated at. The Architect said the estimate is $92 per square foot.

Councilor Skogman asked if the air exchange could be done using the hallway air to complete the air exchange. The Architect said that this could not be done according to the state code, but he will check on that again.

Councilor Skogman asked if the heat/cooling system for the sheriff�s office would be set up for a 24-hour office. The Architect said that there would be a manual override to the system for that purpose. The Architect said that all of the windows would be working windows. Councilor Skogman said that the sheriff�s office should have a secured window so people can not get in. Councilor Skogman asked if two banquet rooms were being used at the same time and both needed food service from the kitchen how would that be handled. The Architect said that when scheduling the building the renter will have to designate for food service or not, but both rooms could be serviced by using the service entrance and going through the commons. Councilor Skogman asked if floor heating was still being considered. The Architect said that the floor heating system was too expensive. Councilor Skogman asked why there were four offices. The Mayor said that there are offices for the following: City Administrator, Director of Public Works, Recreation Director, and Mayor/Finance/future expansion. Councilor Skogman asked if office 125 could be switched with conference room 116 so the sheriffs could have access to this room for interrogations.

Councilor Olsen asked why the Architects went with three roofs in opposition to one. She said that in the area we live in there are so many problems with eaves and rooflines for leakage. The Architect felt that the roof situation was going to be appropriate with drainage included in the plans.

Councilor Olsen asked why the Architects develop the plans for constructing two angled buildings when square buildings are less expensive. The Architect said that there were four different plans developed using the most usable constructions and developed a commons area rather than a corridor.

Councilor Olsen said that, at earlier City Council meetings, the Architect was asked to give the Council separate prices for the community center and city hall. The Architect said that the following were the net square footage of the areas of the building:

City Hall -2,570 square feet

Commons Area -2,306 square feet

Banquet Room -4,768 square feet

Activity Room -1,061 square feet

Kitchen – 578 square feet

Coat Rm/Storage- 498 square feet

Mechanical Rms – 230 square feet

Councilor Matanich asked that if the plans originally developed by the Community Center Committee are still being used for the building. The Committee has not been active on the building since the City Council added the City Hall to the project. Joe Prebeg said that the Committee projected seating for 300 people in the original building. The Architect said that there is seating for 318 people in the present plan. Joe Prebeg asked if the activity room would still be available to use for a youth center. The Mayor said that he would support the Council Chambers being used as a youth room.

Councilor Skogman asked if the kitchen floor was gridded. The Architect said it would not be gridded, epoxy is a good surface for the kitchen.

Joe Prebeg asked what kind of storage space would be allocated to the Recreation Department. The Recreation Director said that the South Grove facility would be used for storage.

The Mayor thanked the Architect for attending the meeting.

Joe Prebeg asked what the timetable for the project is. The Architect said that the timetable for construction would have the bids submitted by the end of August and award the project in September.

Mr. Clinton J. Bruestle, Kraus-Anderson Construction Company, gave a presentation to the Council regarding the project delivery method for construction of the community center/city hall project. He said that they will be overseeing the Northeast ECSU project by Merritt Elementary School at the same time that the Community Center/City Hall building will be constructed and they could use the same project manager and save money for both the School and the City. He said they have done projects for Crosby, Hackensack, Walker, and the Virginia Hospital. He said that they work for the City and oversee the project in the best interest of the City.

The Mayor asked how much the service would cost. Mr. Bruestle said that there is a basic fee, percentage of the construction work of approximately 3-4% and direct job specific costs for trailer, phone, etc. which would be shared with the NE ECSU project. He roughly estimated the cost to the City of Mountain Iron would be about 6-8%. He said that this is not an additional cost for the project, it is already budgeted for in the project. The Architect said that it is helpful to have a construction manager involved. The Director of Public Works said that it has been discussed with Staff internally and they recommend proceeding with the project delivery method.

Councilor Matanich asked if Architectural Resources has a construction manager. The bid process goes with a general contracting outfit making them responsible for the management of the job and cost estimates given by Architectural Resources. Councilor Matanich agreed with getting a construction manager for the project. The Mayor encouraged the Council to contact previous businesses and governmental entities that Krause-Anderson has worked for.

Councilor Skogman said that the building delivery system was used when constructing the Quad Cities Recreational Facility and it worked well.

Joe Prebeg asked if a construction manager would attend the initial meetings, be responsible for cost overruns, and construction quality. The Architect said that if they don�t put something into the plans and specifications then the City would have a change order and have to pay for these items out of contingencies. The Architect said that they make periodic observations of the project and they have no one watching the project continuously.

The Mayor said that the Council will be making a decision at the July 19, 1999 City Council meeting. He invited the Architect and Mr. Bruestle to attend the July 19, 1999 City Council meeting. Mr. Bruestle said that he would not be available to attend that meeting.

At 5:10 p.m. the Mayor adjourned the meeting.

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