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Meeting Minutes for February 07, 2007



FEBRUARY 7, 2007

Mayor called to order at 6:30PM with the following in attendance: Mayor Skalko, Joe Prebeg, Alan Stanaway, Tony Zupancich, Ed Roskoski, Jim Giorgi, Ray Saari, Mary Jacobsen, Barb Fivecoat, Andrea Wilson, Bob Voss, Julie Dale, Sue Tuomela, Margaret Soyring, Bruce Peterson, Scott Williams, Victoria Juntunen and Natalie Pankratz-Leff. Staff members present: Craig J. Wainio, Donald Kleinschmidt, Larry Nanti, Sally Peterangelo, Sgt. Rick Feiro, Justin Kochar, Gerry Knapper, Tom Cvar and Steve Norvitch.

Introductions of all participants took place.

Mayor started discussions with the idea of a Public Safety Committee questions were asked regarding how blight enforcement was to take place through the committee.

Zupancich stated that the City is working on a comprehensive plan and that a public meeting will be coming up to discuss the plan. Zupancich asked participants to express any concerns or questions about how the City is progressing. Cvar raised concerns over the infrastructure in the Original Townsite. Director of Public Works explained that all new construction complies with all fire codes and that a\fire flows are determined by the size of the water line.

Mayor brought up that we will go around and talk about the various boards.

UAB � Kleinschmidt explained the Lake Country Power takeover. Hiring of a new lineman. Utility rates are being constantly looked at to make Enterprise Funds break even. Funds are rate based, taxpayers do not cover the operations of the funds depreciation is recently taken into account.

Planning and Zoning � Saari EDA should look at affordable housing such a townhomes. Zupancich stated that the EDA has been approached for that type of development, however was not economic, EDA will review.

Prebeg requested input on Unity Addition west. Should lots be sold at $30,000 or should we subsidize the lots. Mayor stated that we need to look long term at the tax base that was created. Zupancich explained commercial incentives that have been offered in the past.

EDA � Fivecoat clarified that EDA operates a little quieter in order protect the developers and it takes a lot of work and a lot of time to put a deal together.

Library � Peterangelo elevator installed, outside work is completed, electrical work, painting is to be completed new floor plan usage is up at the library. Library Board is looking into how to get a historic designation. Kleinschmidt informed the group that the paint at the Library tested positive for lead.

Planning and Zoning � Mayor questioned Planning and Zoning about fabric structures, specifically the Urban Residential Non Sewered. Skogman said that they are going to tackle these issues on nights where there is no other business to take care of in front of the board. Prebeg questioned the RV situation at Mashkenode Lake.

Parks and Recreation � Mayor reported Grant for South Grove Park, Grant for Locomotive Park. Soyring asked that there could be small rink in South Grove for the kids, hockey usually going on Hockey Rink.

Prebeg mentioned that the community center was also contain a youth center. Is there is a location for or do we need a youth center in the community?

Stanaway questioned the funding of Merritt Days and getting businesses involved. Nanti said that business are contacted and do not want to participate. Prebeg stated that there are not enough volunteers to run Merritt Days properly.

Mayor thanked everyone for volunteering and for coming tonight.

Meeting adjourned at 8:16pm.

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