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May 10, 2017 Library Board Minutes

Mt. Iron Library Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Call to Order @ 4:00pm: Shirley Congdon

Present: Shirley Congdon, Kathy Whitzman, Shannon Petersen, Peggy Anderson, Sally Yuccas and Al Stanaway (City Liason).  Carolyn Olson was absent

Motion to Accept April 12, 2017 Minutes

1st: Peggy Anderson 2nd: Kathy Whitzman

Old Business:

Director’s Report: Sally Yuccas

  • No Board Meeting in March, no quorum.

New Business:

  • Received 3 applications for summer hire staff. Extensive discussion d/t all 3 candidates with good references.  Majority vote to hire Annie Grierson d/t past experience of 2016 and good work record.
  • Sally & Julie attended training and gained knowledge re: updating to more current information for purchasing new book categories and retire older books.
  • The summer reading program will kick off June 5th to July 21st. Theme: Reading by Design.  This program is very well attended and the benefits outweigh the long hours of planning by library staff.  A great big “thanks” to the staff.  Legion will be BBQing for kids on Bahama Mama Festival.
  • Summer hours will start June 1st – Sept 1st.


  • Fire Alarm Progress
  • TV Cable – Mediacom – Al will check and get things moving

Motion 1st: Kathy Whitzman, 2nd: Peggy Anderson

Respectfully Submitted by:

Shannon Petersen

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