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City of Mountain Iron, Minnesota

Library Minutes 031418

The March 14 Mt. Iron Library Board meeting was called to order by President Olsen.

Members present: Wizman, Congdon, Petersen, Olsen, Anderson, Yuccas. Absent: Stanaway.

Motion made by Witzman, second by Anderson to approve the February 14, 2018 minutes. Motion passed.

Communications: Olsen signed and witnessed that Yuccas completed the annual State of MN Library report and it will be faxed in. No public forum.

Director’s report: Yuccas handed out the infomational sheet of all the events, circulation and activities at the library. (see attached).

Other things brought up by Yuccas:

After completing the State Report, the library had increases in many areas such as attendance, events, programs, book collection, etc. There was in increase in every category.

Yuccas reported that the large and small meeting rooms in the lower level now have new high efficiency lighting and there are new lights in the outdoor globes near the entrance for better lighting at night.

The large closet room under the basement will have a complete clean sweep and cleaning and items under the staircase now will be in that room. Also, a new storage unit will be added into the backroom for additional storage.

A new paper towel dispensing system will be added in all bathrooms along with a baby diaper changing table in the women’s bathroom.

No word has been given as to the Library/Event position.

Yuccas mentioned the rooms in the lower level are used daily which is nice to see.

Peggy suggested the library hours be on the phone recording .

Motion by Witzman, second by Anderson to adjourn at 4:45 . Motion passed

Shannon Petersen, Secretary

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