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Library Board Meeting Minutes for May 11, 2016

Mt. Iron Library Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

Call to Order @ 4:00 pm: Carolyn Olson

Present: Shirley Congdon, Cathy Whitzman, Shannon Petersen, Peggy Anderson, Sally Yuccas, Carolyn Olson and Al Stanaway (city liason).

Motion to Accept April 13th, 2016 Minutes.

1st: Cathy Whitzman and: Shirley Congdon

Old Business:

Director’s Report: Sally Yuccas

  • Gun Safety is complete
  • Visitor breakdown was presented. This report is always available upon request to Sally.
  • All window replacement was completed by Lenci Construction.
  • Basement “Quiet Room” is not completed to date. Sally is hopeful that with the summer help this project can be completed.

New Business:

  • Summer Help has been advertised for and only 2 applications were received. Motion made by Shirley Congdon to offer the position of summer help to Anne Grierson and was seconded by Shannon Petersen.
  • Summer Reading program “Read for the Win” is scheduled. Senior Citizen Center reserved for large programs.
  • Board Meeting Time changed to 4:45 pm. Motion 1st: Cathy Whitzman 2nd: Shirley Congdon
  • Summer Hours effective May 31sst. No Saturdays.
  • Sally went to area schools, including Cherry, to promote the Summer Reading Program.

Adjourn 4:30 pm

Motion 1st: Cathy Whitzman, 2nd: Shirley Congdon

Respectfully Submitted by:


Shannon Petersen

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