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Library Board Meeting Minutes for March 09, 2016

The March 9, 2016 Mt. Iron Library board meeting was called to order at 4 p.m. by acting President, Shirley Congdon. Members present: Shirley Congdon, Kathy Witzman, Shannon Petersen, Peggy Anderson, Al Stanaway, City Liason and Sally Yuccas, Library Director. Absent: Carolyn Olsen.


February meeting was cancelled to due no quorum. Motion was made by Witzman, second by Anderson to approve the January 13, 2016 minutes. Motion passed.


Yuccas handed out the formal Director’s report and also reported there was a recent program titled “Got Stress?” that was put on by presenters Anne Flaim and Jan Knuti. 23 were in attendance. Yuccas also mentioned the Tuesday story time session continues to grow in attendance. Julie Hansen was hired on February 16, 2016 and will be a great asset to the library. Special thanks was given to the Friends of the Mt. Iron Library who donated $700 for a large Usborne children’s book order. Library staff has been busy reorganizing the children’s books and it shows as circulation has had a huge increase since moving the materials to children’s levels.


New Business: Yuccas brought up doing a full clean sweep on room in the basement. We plan to have three large pieces of furniture hauled out. A request to City Council will be made to remove trophy case, book shelf and music piece to create much needed space. Motion by Shannon Petersen, second by Kathy Witzman to request removal of these items at the next council meeting. Motion passed.


Change of Hours: Yuccas suggested a change in hours that will benefit customers. Yuccas mentioned that we have been doing counts for the past year and less and less patrons come in during the last hour (6-7 p.m.) Motion was made by Petersen, second by Congdon that new hours begin as of April 1, 2016 and the hours will be: Mon-Thursday: 11-6 p.m., Friday 10-2 and Saturday 10-2. (Closed Saturdays during the summer months). Motion passed.


Yuccas mentioned city crew came in and fixed electrical issue of our nonfiction section and also removed all the flies from the lights.


Interviews will be held for the Library Substitute position on March 21st and request to council to hire as soon as possible.


Stanaway brought up more communication needs to happen between meetings happening at the library. Meetings are booked at the City Hall and info needs to be communicated to library staff. He also mentioned that the basement needed more TLC.


Next meeting will be on April 13. No further discussion. Motion by Witzman, second by Anderson to adjourn at 4:40. Motion passed.


Respectfully submitted,


Shannon Petersen, Secretary

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