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Library Board Meeting Minutes for January 13, 2016

Mt. Iron Public Library Board Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2016


Meeting called to order at 4:03 by Shirley Congdon and 2nd by Peggy Anderson.


Roll call taken and members present were: Shannon Petersen, Kathy Witzman, Sally Yuccas, and Peggy Anderson. Absent was Carolyn Olson.


December 9, 2015 needed one correction Al Stanaway is a liaison not a member. Motion made to accept changes and the minutes by Petersen and 2nd by Witzman.


It was communicated that a Felting Program would be held at the library this evening at 6:00 P.M.


Director Yucaas gave her report, Rhonda iis accepting a job at city hall,sometime in January or February, date iis not known at this time. Julie will move into her spot for the moment until Rhonda spot can be posted. IIt will not be posted until Rhonda’s spot at city hall iis permanent. There was much discussion about the process and filling spots that will be open. IIf Julie pplies and receives open part time position,a sub will then need to be hired. This whole process will take much time and patience. Sally will most likely be asked to assist with the job description of the open positions. Rhonda will be greatly missed and will need to be a frequent patron of the library as many depend on her “good reading” choices. The winter adult reading program started this week with many exciting prizes to be given out if you are a lucky winner I The summer reading program will be titled “Read For The Win”, the info iis coming iin and Yuccas iis very excited. There are many legacy programs coming in 2016 and Yuccas is booking as many as she can. Anne Flaim and Jan Knuti will also be doing a health program on stress and anxieties, the date TBA. Many thanks to the Friends of the Library for a $400.00 check to go towards the magazine renewals.


Unfinished business: the llarge operating bills are coming iin from 2015, they will be out of 2015 budget.


New business: Election of Officers iis tabled to next month when all are present. There will be a Comprehensive Planning meeting tonight at 6:00 pm, Carolyn has agreed to attend with Sally but may not be there this evening. Sally will attend and fill us iin at the next meeting. We are all excited about 2016 and the new materials that will be purchased for the library.


Next meeting iis February 10, 2016 at 4:00.


Meeting to adjourn motion by Petersen and 2nd by Witzman at 4:00


Respectfully submitted,Shannon  Petersen,Secretary


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