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April 24, 2019 PHSB Minutes

Mountain Iron

Public Safety and Health Board Meeting Minutes

Mountain Iron Community Center

April 24, 2019


Meeting called to order by Chairperson Al Stanaway at 6:30 PM.


  1. Members present: Mark Madden, MIFD Liaison Alternate, Margaret Ratai, Steve Skogman, Margaret Soyring, Al Stanaway.  Also present: MIFD Chief Gerry Knapper,          St. Louis County Sheriff Sargent John Backman, City Councilor Joe Prebeg, Craig Wainio, Administrator.


  1. Consent Agenda:
  2. Motion by M. Ratai and second by M. Soyring to approve the March 27, 2019                                         minutes. Motion carried.
  3. Additions to agenda:  Old Business – MIFD Position Analysis dates, McGarth                                          Report formal acceptance and approval.  New Business: Animal Control                                    reports, April 17th Fire Departments Shared Services Study Joint                                               Collaboration Meeting between Mountain Iron and Virginia.
  4. Communication  – none


III.         Public Forum: none


  1. Committee and Staff Reports
  2.          First Responders Report:
  • Five AEDs have been ordered.
  • AED use and location featuring Wal-Mart “save” MIFD Nyman First Responders and Asst. EMS Director J. Hipple, C. Pylkka, RN, EMS flight nurse, was a feature on WDIO by reporter Renee Passal.  VFD is recommending all involved with the “save” an award by the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Department.
  1. Fire Department Report:
  • Total calls: 6, Mutual Aid Calls: 1, Fire Hours: 6, MI Call Man Hours: 10,

                       Mutual Aid Man Hours: 4, Total Man Hours: 14, Mutual Aid Hour %: 29

                       False Alarms: 2, Working Calls: 4, FF/Working Calls: 14, FF/False                                  Alarms: 3, Total Responders: 17, FF per Call: 2.83, FF per Working Call:                           3.50, % Member Response: 22%       

  • The MIFD Call/Mutual Aid and Call/ Response Report is posted monthly for fire fighter review.  Individual Firefighter time is tracked              
  • New printer and scanner in use. Wi-Fi is working.  Files are now kept   electronically on the City Server.
  • MIFD door lock codes have been changed. Chief has notified active          members of the code.   Plan to change code when a member has left the          department and/or per need. 
  • New hire interviews will be conducted within the month. Chief will   make arrangements with C. Wainio Administrator and Personnel               
  • Two fire fighters are attending the NFPA 1001 Class by Fire         Instruction and Rescue Education at MIFD that ends in May.  An additional HazMat awareness training will be held for participants on     June 4th.
  • Chief has reserved spots for 3 firefighters to attend IS 300 at Fayal FD    the first weekend in May and 4 firefighters to attend IS 400 at Fayal FD    the first weekend in June.
  • Current Position Analysis for Firefighter, First Responder, and Training Officer obtained from City Administrator.
  • Position Analysis for all department positions is being reviewed and updated to reflect new requirements, current SOG, standards, MN League of Cities models.
  • MIFD Position Descriptions Firefighter, Captain-Safety Officer, Captain-Training Officer have been revised and sent to the Personnel Committee for review and recommendation on April 12. Copies sent to the Public Health and Safety Board for informational purposes only.
  • Board recommends that Chief Knapper contact Public Works Director about status of ventilation system updates to meet current code. To date one quote has been received by City Administrator for the fire department side of the City Garage.
  • Discussion held on need for a larger air compressor to accommodate monthly vehicle tire pressure checks. Chief will price out a mobile unit and determine if it can be purchased within the current budget. If not, budget for 2020.
  • Emergency generator discussion. Chief Knapper will contact Public Works Director about status for fire department side of building.
  1. Sheriff’s Office Report – none
  2. Other – none


III.         Unfinished Business

  • Position Analysis dates was received from C. Wainio, Administrator.

Chief 4-5-10, Asst. Chief 8-5-13, 4 Captains 10-7-13, EMS Asst. 4-5-10,       

                       Training Officer 4-7-08, Firefighter 4-7-18, First Responder 4-5-10.

  • McGarth Fire Department Shared Services Report was accepted and approved by the City Council per Chairperson Stanaway.  No further action need by     


  1. New Business
  2. Anytime Fitness update. MIFD Officers updated MIFD Fitness Reimbursement                          Policy Number 2016-04 Adopted November 7, 2016.  The Department has                                renegotiated the contract with Anytime Fitness and usage policy as follows:
  3. The number of keys has been reduced from ten to seven.  This will                                                    reduce the membership by approximately $130/month.


  1. Five keys will be issued to members.  An additional condition for                                                      members being issued a key will be to sign a revised waiver allowing                                                        the City to deduct from their payroll the monthly cost ($35) of an                                                     individual membership if usage requirements are not met.
  2. Two keys will be available at the Fire Hall as training tools for others                                              to utilize as desired.  They will check out and return to the Department                                         before and after each use.
  3. The Department will work with the City to revise the waiver as needed                                       to ensure payroll deductions are appropriately being applied.

                              Discussion about obtaining overdue fees from current and previous                                                             firefighters.  MIFD will contact A. Inmon, Secretary, to have an updated report                         of overdue payments and then send the report to the City Administrator to                               forward to the Collections Agency.

  1. Animal Control Patrolling report discussion.  C. Wainio will contact Animal                                             Control to have quarterly reports sent to the City Administrator and Public                                    Safety and Health Board.
  2. Joint Collaboration Meeting with Mountain Iron and Virginia held                                                             to formulate the next steps outlined in the Fire Department Shared Services                                            Study, set up joint committee to implement the recommendations outline in                                          the study, set ground rules for the joint committee to assist in accomplishing                                the goals held on April 17th at Mountain Iron Community Center.  John Ehret,                                        State Fire Marshall’s Office, discussed previous cooperative efforts.  City                                     Administrators will compile a list of committee members from each                                                      community to include the Fire Chiefs, unbiased MIFD firefighter, VFD union                                              member, 1-2 Councilors per community and possible Public Safety and Health                              Board or other community member.  C. Wainio will submit the names to the                                     City Council for approval at the May 6th meeting.


VII.        Open Discussion

  • Storage of Fire Truck # 34 in a controlled environment with a location to               display the truck discussed. Motion by M. Soyring and second by M. Ratai             have the City Council look for a place to store the truck at a new location that is environmentally controlled and will allow public display.  Motion carried.
  • Status of MIFD input into the final build of the new fire truck discussed.  MIFD was not involved in the initial specifications.  Chief Knapper directed to          contact Pierce staff by email to establish a meeting to review the final truck             build specifications and provide input for any additional items needed.
  • Discussion about April 12th MIFD correspondence to the Board that was not      included in the agenda.  
  • Request that agenda and minutes be sent both by US mail and electronically.
  • Secretary will send minutes to City Administrator for distribution due to         staffing changes.


VIII.      Announcement

  • Ordinance meeting on Tuesday, May 7th at 6 pm. Topics: Animal Control, Public Nuisance, Weeds, Open Burning


Motion by S. Skogman and second by A. Stanaway to adjourn.   Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:31 P.M.


Respectfully Submitted by:


Margaret A. Ratai


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