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April 12, 2017 Library Board Minutes

The April 12, 2017 Mt. Iron Library Board meeting was called to order at 4 p.m. by Carolyn Olsen. Members present: Carolyn Olsen, Kathy Witzman, Peggy Anderson, Shirley Congdon, Sally Yuccas and Al Stanaway, City Liason.  Absent: Shannon Petersen

Motion by Peggy, second by Kathy to approve the February 8, 2017 minutes as read. Motion passed.

No Public Forum.

No Communications.

Director’s report from Sally Yuccas (See attached formal report) Yuccas also brought up that the new “book to movie” program has been a hit and two showings are happening to accommodate all the folks who want to be part of this program.  A matinee and evening movie are held once a month. This week (April 9-15) is National Library Week. The Library has had coffee ’n each day and guessing games and door prize drawings. It has been well received by the patrons.

Yuccas brought up plans are underway for the summer Reading Program and will have more on this at the May meeting.

The Friends of the Library gave a generous donation of $1,000 for new children’s book for our collection. We received a grant of $500 so the total order of books was $1500.

Yuccas completed the required state report for the library and had it available for viewing.

The last story time session ended this week and will resume during the summer reading session.

Open Discussion: Al Stanaway brought up the box that the Fire Dept needs in case of emergency/fire at the library. Yuccas will speak with Fire Chief to get this installed.

Stanaway suggested that we see if Media Com will offer more programs on the TV’s the basement. Yuccas will find out if they can add more to our current tv listings.

Motion by Kathy, second by Shirley to adjourn at 4:40 p.m. respectfully submitted,

Sally Yuccas (acting Secretary for Shannon)

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