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102418 LB Minutes

The October 24, 2018 Mt. Iron Library Board meeting was called to order by President Carolyn Olsen at 4:00 pm. Members present: Shannon Petersen, Carolyn Olsen, Shirley Congdon, Sally Yuccas, Peggy Anderson, Anna Amundson and City Liaison Alan Stanaway. Absent: Kathy Witzman.

Motion made by Olsen, seconded by Anderson to approve the September 12, 2018 minutes.

Everyone introduced themselves to newly hired Library Director Anna Amundson. All agreed she will be a great fit to the Mt. Iron Library.

Director Report: Yuccas handed out monthly circulation report (attached).

Staff will be looking into a reading program for possibly 3rd through 6th graders to draw them to the library to read. Shared with group the Library Tutor Usage Policy. Petersen made a motion to accept the Policy, seconded by Olsen, with a spelling correction that Yuccas will fix and submit to City Council for approval.

A lengthy discussion was held regarding CW Telephone system. It has not worked correctly for approximately a year. Many calls have gone unanswered. It is now a major concern as there was an issue. Yuccas handed out a letter to the City regarding the problems that occurred on 10-9-18. Due to a new automated system for the doors, which is not housed at the library, the doors could not be locked and library phone would not call out for 911. This matter will be worked on.

A new part time person will be hired and the hope is that this person can be scheduled for a few certain hours and days a week so that staff can get caught up with items needed to be done.

Said “bye” to Sally and recapped the wonderful things that have been accomplished since 2005. We are VERY grateful. Yuccas graciously thanked the Board and the Friends of the Library.

The high school has relocated out of downtown Mt. Iron, so things will be different and staff is working on ways to draw people to our library.

Peggy has been checking on sign from school, but has no new information. It was felt that it is getting cold so will have to wait until spring. It is important to get the sign and all equipment that goes with it and get it into a safe storage place to be determined. Peggy will stay on this.

Welcome to Anna!

Motion made at 4:45 pm to adjourn by Petersen and seconded by Congdon.

Respectfully submitted by Shannon Petersen, Secretary. 

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