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City of Mountain Iron, Minnesota

091218 LB Minutes

The September 12, 2018 Mt. Iron Library board meeting was called to order by President, Carolyn Olsen. Members present: Shirley Congdon, Carlyn Olsen, Peggy Anderson,Kathy Witzman, Sally Yuccas, Alan Stanaway, City liason. Absent: Shannon Petersen
Motion made by Witzman, second by Congdon to approve the August 21, 2108 minutes. Motion passed.
Communications: A letter had to be signed by Olsen and Yuccas for the State of Minnesota yearly report.
Yuccas distributed the August monthly circulation report (see attached)
The process has begun to hire the new library director. The committee begins with a point process and then the interviews will begin. Eleven candidates have applied for the position. Following this, we will repeat the process and hire the part-time candidate.
Yuccas handed out a variety of Tutor policies and will bring a modified policy at the next meeting. Once we approve this policy, it will then go on to the City Council for final approval. .Carolyn asked why this had to to go to the council and Alan explained the reasons.
Yuccas reported that the library budget is at 51 percent spent as of July 31.
Peggy gave an update about the digital sign that the school is going to donate to our library. The city will be responsible for moving it, setting it up , electrical, etc. Al will be talking to Tim and Craig about how to proceed.
A location will have to be selected and begin there.
Motion was made by Congdon, second by Witzman to adjourn at 4:50 p.m.
Sally Yuccas, Acting Secretary for Shannon Petersen

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