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072518 PHSB Minutes

Mountain Iron

Public Safety and Health Board Minutes

July 25, 2018

Meeting called to order by Chairperson Al Stanaway at 6:35 PM. Members present: Steve Hunter, Margaret Ratai, Steve Skogman, Margaret Soyring, and Al Stanaway.  Also present: First Responder Coordinator Jeff Cielocha, Firefighter Mark Madden, and St. Louis County Sherriff Sgt. John Backman.

Consent Agenda

Moved by S.  Skogman, supported by M.  Ratai to approve consent agenda and minutes of June 27, 2018 meeting.  Motion carried.  No communications.

Chairperson Stanaway requests all agenda items be submitted to him for placement on the agenda.

Committee and Staff Reports:

  1. First Responders Report by Jeff Cielocha, Coordinator.
  • Just over 100 calls have been made for year to date. At least one first responder answered 68 calls.
  • “Bigger bag” inventory completed and list given to Mark Madden.
  • Each First Responder is responsible for keeping their bags stocked and current.
  • Discussion about First Responders that are not currently active and do not attend the monthly meetings and trainings. There is no minimum number of calls that First Responders must answer. Recommendation to have Jeff check with other agencies about member participation expectations to calls, monthly meetings and trainings.  Recommend that Jeff make phone calls within the week to First Responders that are not active to determine their continued commitment and participation in the organization.  If no response, follow-up with a certified letter.  Contact Al Stanaway and Craig Wainio, City Administrator for guidance as to the letter content.  If individual can no participate, all equipment needs to be returned to the program.
  1. Fire Department:
  • Jeff Cielocha has been named the Training Officer.
  • Truck 04 went in for repairs today.
  1. Sherriff’s Office Report by Sgt. John Backman.
  • Merritt Day’s Street dance is scheduled for August 11, 2018. Backman was informed of need for security at the last City Council meeting.  Four staff members that include Sgt. Backman will be on duty.  If more security is needed, the Merritt Days Committee will need to arrange and pay for the services.
  1. Other:
  • Fire Department inventory report by Mark Madden, Firefighter.
  • Turn out gear completed and five replacement sets ordered. Three more sets needed in future.  Five sets of boots have expired.  Potential need to replace Wild Land inventory as most hard hats are from the 1990’s and have expired. Starting to inventory firefighter radios and spares in trucks. Truck inventory completed. Laminated cards of inventory placed on each truck for restocking. Will be inventorying Fire Hall items. Plan to coordinate inventory with any equipment trainings.
  • Additional hoses are needed for the hose testing process. Recommendation to check budget before any purchase.
  • Mark Madden and Margaret Soyring met with Amanda Inmon to review the Fire Department budget. All expenditures will be reviewed by the Fire Department and identified for the line item code and then submitted to Amanda to post and make payment.  Fire Department is being charged for a cell phone that has not been used in several years. Amanda is researching the problem.
  • Fire Department plans to determine remaining 2018 budget needs and plan for 2019 based on inventory. Discussion about designating funding for future large capital purchases.
  • AED Inventory and Purchase by Jeff Cielocha, First Responder.
  • 10 AEDS need to be replaced for First Responders, 5 for Fire Department and 8 for City of Mountain Iron.
  • ZOLL AEDs have been selected as they are compatible with the Virginia Fire Department and Ambulance and VFD will replace pads at no cost.

Cost per unit: $1250.00. No shipping and handling. 7-year warranty.  ZOLL is in the State of MN purchasing system.  Units could arrive within three days of purchase. ZOLL provides a training representative to conduct staff trainings.  Saving on pads and no special battery replacement.

  • Board recommends purchase of all AEDS at same time.
  • Discussion about First Responder budget to purchase AEDs as purchase would be over budget. First Responder budget had a $3000 payment this year that were from 2017 costs.  Al and Jeff plan to meet with Craig Wainio, Administrator to find funding to purchase 10 AEDs for First Responders.  They will also discuss budget to pay for City’s AEDs.

Ordinance Review deferred.  Discussion to have Board meet a second time each month to review the ordinances only.  A meeting time and date will be set at the August meeting to begin process in September.

Margaret Ratai has been working with Justin Blazewicz, Fire Safety Officer, and Gerry Knapper, Fire Chief to edit the MIFD Firefighting Performance Policy and Procedure and the Performance Review form plus the Air Pack Inspection Policy.

July 26, 2018 draft copy of MIFD Firefighting Performance Review Policy and Procedure, Form and Scoring Matrix reviewed.  Discussion to add language about low performance (scores one and two) and correction action plan to the policy and procedure and on the form, add firefighter comments to the form, and add record retention to the policy.  Discussion about review by Personnel Committee.

Motion by S. Skogman and second by M. Soyring to approve the Firefighter Performance Review Policy and Procedure with Appendix A Performance Review form and Appendix B Scoring Matrix with the discussed corrections to the Personnel Committee.  Motion carried. Al Stanaway will forward the policy and procedure to the Personnel Committee.

June 26, 2018 draft copy MIFD Air Pack Inspection Policy reviewed.  Discussion to add language about record retention.  Motion by M. Ratai and second by S. Hunter to approve the MIFD Air Pac Inspection Policy with the record retention language added. Motion carried. Al Stanawy will forward policy to the City Council for August 6th meeting.

Open Discussion:

Request for “Slow Down” signage by new day care center on Hwy. 102.  Sgt. Backman will contact the St. Louis County Traffic Engineer with request.

Discussion about City of Mountain Iron Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and Supplement that was sent by City Administrator Craig Wainio this past week for Board review.  M. Ratai pointed out items that need to be corrected and will send e-mail to Craig Wainio.  S. Skogman recommended adding Arrowhead EMS Critical Incident Stress Management to the plan Index and/or Supplement.  Request made to have list of items that were updated.  Al Stanaway and Steve Skogman have the old plan for comparison.  Plans to have City Council review EOP at August 6, 2018 meeting.

Motion by S. Skogman and second by M. Ratai to adjourn the meeting at 8:03.  Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by:

 Margaret Ratai

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