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060618 EDA Minutes

Mountain Iron Economic Development Authority

Meeting Minutes

June 6, 2018

A meeting of the Mountain Iron Economic Development Authority was called to order by Barb Fivecoate at 5:31 p.m. with the following members present: Al Stanaway, Bob Voss, Mary Jacobsen, Sue Tuomela, Barb Fivecoate and Andrea Wilson.  Absent members: Peter Zattoni.  Also present: Executive Director, Craig Wainio and Chris Ismil from the IRRRB.

Stanaway moved and Tuomela seconded to approve the consent agenda.  Motion carried 6-0 on a roll call vote.

Ismil from IRRRB discussed possible shovel ready sites with the EDA and what could be done to prepare these sites.  The EDA will identify a few sites to make them shovel ready after a tour of potential sites.  A committee was established to further this efforts made up of Fivecoate, Tuomela, Stanaway and Wainio.

The board discussed a request to join a couple of lots in South Forest Grove and Stanaway moved and Voss seconded not move forward with the joining of the lots.  Motion carried unanimously.

Jacobsen moved and Fivecoate seconded to set a special meeting for June 18th at 5:30 and to set a public hearing at the same time for the sale of lots 3 and 4 in the Nichols Park Addition for the Iron Tykes Project.  Motion carried unanimously.

Wilson moved and Jacobsen supported to adjourn the meeting at 6:24 p.m.  Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted by:

Craig J. Wainio

Executive Director

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