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06-01 Building Code




Section 1. Adoption. The 1997 Minnesota State Building Code, established pursuant to M.S. §§ 1613.59 through 16B.75 and published in Minnesota Rules Chapters 1300 through 1370 and incorporating the Minnesota Plumbing Code and the Minnesota Energy Code, Chapters 4715 and 7670 respectively of the Minnesota Rules, is hereby adopted as the building code for the City, and is incorporated into this Chapter as if set out in full subject to the following specifications:

Section 2. Mandatory Enforcement Provisions. The following chapters of Minnesota Rules shall be enforced and administered without change by the City as mandatory provisions of the Minnesota State Building Code:

Chapter 1300

Minnesota State Building Code

Chapter 1301

Building Official Certification

Chapter 1302

Construction Approvals

Chapter 1305

Amendments to the Uniform Building Code (UBC) (Adoption of the 1997 Uniform Building Code). The adoption of this chapter specifically includes UBC Appendix Chapters: 3, Division I “Detention and Correctional Facilities”; 12, Division II “Sound Transmission Control”; 15, “Reroofing”; 16, Division 1, “Snowload Design”; 29, “Minimum Plumbing Fixtures” and 31, Division II, “Membrane Structures.” The adoption of optional UBC Appendix chapters under part 1305.0020 shall be as indicated in Section 3 of this Ordinance.

Chapter 1307

Elevators and Related Devices

Chapter 1315

Electrical Code (Adoption of the 1996 National Electrical Code (NEC))

Chapter 1325

Solar Energy Systems

Chapter 1330

Fallout Shelters

Chapter 1335

Floodproofing Regulations

Chapter 1340

Facilities for the Handicapped

Chapter 1346

The 1991 Uniform Mechanical Code

Chapter 1350

Manufactured Homes

Chapter 1360

Prefabricated Buildings

Chapter 1361

Industrialized Modular Buildings

Chapter 1370

Storm Shelters (Manufactured Home Parks)

Chapter 4715

Minnesota Plumbing Code

Chapter 7670

Minnesota Energy Code

Section 3. Application, Administration and Enforcement. The application, administration and enforcement of the Minnesota State Building Code in the City shall be in accordance with M.S. Chapter 16B and Minnesota Rules Chapters 1300 and 1305. The City Council, pursuant to M.S. § 16B.65, shall appoint a Building Official who shall attend to all aspects of Building Code administration. Additional members of a City’s Building Department shall be authorized by the City Council as needed. Organization of the City’s Building Department shall be as established by Chapter 1 of the 1997 Uniform Building Code, as amended by Minnesota Rules. The Minnesota State Building Code shall be enforced within the incorporated limits of the City, and within the extraterritorial limits permitted by M.S. § 16B.62.

Section 4. Permits, Inspections and Fees. Permits shall be issued, inspections conducted, and fees collected as provided for in M.S. § 1613.62, Chapter 1 of the Uniform Building Code, and Minnesota Rules parts 1305.0106 and 1305.0107. The City shall adopt its own fee schedule by Resolution of the City Council. In addition, a surcharge fee shall be collected on all permits issued for work governed by this code in accordance with M. S. § 16B.70.

Section 5. Surcharge. In addition to the permit fee required under Section 4 of this Ordinance, the applicant for a building permit shall pay a surcharge to be remitted to the Minnesota Department of Administration as prescribed by M.S. § 1613.70.

Section 6. Repeal. All Ordinances or parts thereof, which are inconsistent with this Ordinance, are hereby repealed.

Section 7. City Code. This Ordinance shall be incorporated into the Mountain Iron City Code as Chapter 10.

Section 8. Effective Date. This Ordinance shall be effective on the date of passage and publication pursuant to law.






Mayor Mitchell Brunfelt






City Administrator


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