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053018 PHSB Minutes




Meeting called to order at 5:00 pm by Chairman Al Stanaway.  Members Present: Al Stanaway, Steve Skogman, Margaret Soyring, Margaret Ratai, Steve L. Hunter (arrived at 5:15). Also present were Fire Chief Knapper, First Responder Jeff Cielocha, Director of Public Works, Public Work Tim Satrang, and Sgt. John Backman.

Correction to April 25, 2018 minutes: Delete Steve Skogman from members present, change spelling of in last sentence from Ratia to Ratai. Motion by Margaret Soyring and second by Margaret Ratai to approve the corrected minutes. Motion passed.

First Responders Report on AED inventory completed: 10 First Responders, 5 Fire Dept.

Current Phillips models used are past the 10-year warranty. First Responders and Fire Chief report that Virginia Fire Department has changed their AED model from Phillips to ZOLL. VFD has replaced the pads in the past but will no longer support this practice due to the model change.  Quotes received from ZOLL and Phillips for new and refurbished AEDs, battery and pad pricing.  Recommend First Responders and Fire Department establish a rotation to replace monitors, First Responders budget up to $2500/year for their new monitors and Fire Department budget to reflect rotation for their expenses.

Tim Satrang reported City of Mtn. Iron has 7 AEDs.  He will check inventory for new battery needs and warranty.  Board recommendation to have the same AED model used by the City.

First Responders will contact ZOLL representative for pricing with State of MN bid and/or consortium pricing for 22 AEDs.  Findings will be reported back to the Board via e-mail.

Currently working on Wal-Mart AED grant that is due the end of 2018. 

Board recommendation that MI First Responders keep a copy of certifications members have from other agencies/organizations.

Fire Department Report:  77 calls year to date.  Second quarter calls will be reported at June 2018 meeting. First Responders 7 calls.

Fire Chief is meeting with inactive members to determine their commitment to the Department and obtain gear back if needed.  Will be posting for new members.

Inventory has been completed of equipment and disposable supplies for each vehicle with a laminated checklist of equipment and supplies posted in each vehicle to be used for restocking.

Helmet inventory will be done by June 30th. Replacement needs and cost will be presented at July meeting. Rotation for replacing gear sets being established.

Discussion about billing VFD for Landfill fire tire repair.

Discussion to establish a process for budget requests by mid-July for 2018 and start looking at 2019 budget needs by September/October.  M. Ratai and M. Soyring will meet with Fire Department one more time to discuss budget.

Fire Chief proposed a City ordinance to address vendors checking sprinklers where the company is certified and licensed but not the individual doing the inspection.  He will obtain language from other cities and report back to Board with recommendations.

Sheriff’s Office Report: Deputy Jesse Richter has been assigned permanently on patrol.

Discussion about removal of two stop signs on Mineral Avenue and Hwy. 7/Unity Drive intersection, Hwy. 169 updates. No Narcan has been administered this year to date. 

Ordinance review delayed until August meeting.

Discussion about proposed The Range at Valhalla rifle/trap shooting range.

Motion by Steve Skogman, second by Margaret Soyring to meet jointly with Planning and Zoning on June 25th at 6 pm to listen to Tony Mason’s presentation on the project.

Motion passed.

Motion by Margaret Ratai and second by Steve Skogman to adjourn. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 7:08 PM.

Submitted by:

Margaret Ratai



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