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050918 Library Minutes

The May 9, 2018 Mt. Iron Library board meeting was called to order by Carolyn Olsen at 4:05 p.m. Members present: Shannon Petersen, Kathy Witzman, Peggy Anderson, Carolyn Olsen, Al Stanaway, City Liason Member and Sally Yuccas, Director. Absent: Shirley Congdon.

Motion by Witzman, second by Anderson to approve the March 14, 2018 minutes. Motion passed.

No communications. No Public Forum.

Director’s Report: Yuccas handed out the April, 2018 Monthly report. (see attached)

New Business: Emily Kinney was hired as the summer library helper starting in June. Roxanne Reed, Library Sub will be leaving on November 6. We will inform the city so they can post for that position. Library Director Position: No updates at this time. Yuccas mentioned that the Children’s section is getting a complete overhaul with new, updated books. Over 300 new books will be added to the collection. A weeding process is also taking place to discard outdated books. The library will close on Saturdays after May 19 until after Labor Day.
Yuccas discussed that the room under the staircase is getting cleaned and storage will be added. The Summer reading program flyer has been distributed to Merritt grade school and Jr. High. (see attached)

A discussion was held about tutoring sessions being held at the library. A motion was made by Witzman, second by Anderson to create a future policy regarding this topic. Motion passed. Alan and Sally will discuss this with Craig and update board members via emails with updates.

Yuccas brought up a suggestion to look into changing the hours in the fall and look into staying open a half hour later on weekdays and close on Saturday. Anderson brought up the phone issues and check again why answering message is incorrect.

Meeting adjourned at 4:45 pm. Shannon Petersen, Secretary

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