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City of Mountain Iron, Minnesota

031319 LB Minutes

Mountain Iron Public Library

March 13, 2019


The meeting was called to order at 4:01 pm by Carolyn Olsen.  Members present: Peggy Anderson, Carolyn Olsen, Kathy Witzman, city liaison Al Stanaway, Library Director Anna Amundson. Absent: Shannon Petersen.  Motion was made by Kathy Witzman, seconded by Peggy Anderson to accept the February meeting minutes.

No communication. No Public Forum. One library board seat still open.

Director’s report: Our new hire was discussed. We are happy to have Anne Grierson on board, and she comes with library experience so it has been an easy on-boarding. We also confirmed the need for an on-call substitute, in the event that Anna and Julie are unable to work and Anne is at her other job.  We will continue this discussion with the possibility of the new city secretary being trained to fill in AS NEEDED (rare occasions). We also discussed the Winter Reading Program – going extremely well – and the need for a book sale.

Old Business:  The digital sign from the old high school is not an option, as it has dated equipment that cannot be repaired. We will move forward in considering other sign options. We will take a look at what other communities have, and Anna will research some purchasing options. The safety strips on the stairs were mentioned again, and Anna will follow up with Terry Niska. Parking was again discussed, and we are in a business district. Peggy mentioned updating the signs, and Al said this would be a topic for the Streets and Alleys committee (upcoming meeting in April). A website was mentioned, with Anna looking into possible grant funds available through ALS. Also the city library page is outdated. Anna will follow up with city hall.

New business:  No new business.

Next meeting will be April 10th, 2019 at 4:00 pm. Motion by Peggy Anderson, seconded by Kathy Witzman to adjourn. Motion passed.

Submitted by Anna Amundson for Shannon Petersen, secretary

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