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022919 PHSB Minutes

Mountain Iron

Public Safety and Health Board Meeting Minutes

Mountain Iron Community Center

May 29, 2019


Meeting called to order by Chairperson Al Stanaway at 6:34 PM.


  1. Members present: Steve Hunter, Margaret Ratai, Margaret Soyring, Steve Skogman, and Al Stanaway. Also present: St. Louis County Sheriff Sargent John Backman.


  1. Consent Agenda:
  2. Motion by M. Ratai and second by M. Soyring to approve the April 24, 2019                            minutes. Motion carried.
  3.       Communications:  Mountain Iron Fire Department Call and Mutual Aid Report                         and Call and Response Report for May, 2019 sent via email from Mark Madden,                                    MIFD Liaison Alternate, and correspondence that he would not be able to attend                                    the meeting.
  4.       Additions to Agenda:  Unfinished Business – City of Mountain Iron                                                 representatives to Fire Department Shared Services Committee with City of                                  Virginia, Mountain Iron Fire Department Anytime Fitness Policy and Procedure                                  update.


III.          Public Forum: none


  1. Committee Staff Reports
  2. First Responders Report: none
  3. Fire Department Report: 
  • MIFD report through May 21, 2019. Total calls: 4, year to date: 35,       Mutual Aid Calls: 2, Fire Hours: 7, MIFD call man hours: 18, Mutual Aid     Man Hours: 12, Total Call Man Hours: 30, Mutual Aid Hour %: 40%,             False Alarms: 1, Working Calls: 3, FF/Working Calls: 15, FF/False      Alarms: 4, Total Responders: 19, FF per Call: 4.75, FF per Working Call:    5, % Member Response: 31%.
  1. Sheriff’s Office: none
  2. Other – Animal Control: C. Wainio, City Administrator, met with new leadership                                who were unaware about reporting.  Plans made for quarterly reporting to this                               Board.


  1. Unfinished Business
  • Councilor Joe Prebeg was selected to represent the City of Mountain Iron City Council on the Fire Department Shared Services Committee at the May 6th council meeting along with City Administrator Craig Wainio, Fire Chief Knapper and Assistant Fire Chief Madden. Miaja Biondich will be the Virginia City Council representative.
  • The City Council approved the Joint Community Communications Plan for Improvement of Emergency Services plan at the May 6th
  • The City Council approved the MIFD Anytime Fitness Policy and Procedure 2016-04 approved 11-7-16 updates presented at this Board’s April 24th meeting on May 6th.
  • The City Council approved the recommendations by the Personnel Committee to update the MIFD Fire Department Position Descriptions for Safety Officer, Training Officer and Firefighter at the May 6th


  1. New Business
  • Stanaway met with C. Wainio about including Animal Control ordinance pet licensing information to the next city wide notice and place posters at Park Villa                          Apartments and the Library as discussed at the May 7th ordinance meeting.
  • Discussion held to have a new resident/utility customer packet to include animal ordinance with pet licensing and animal allowed within city limits, planning and                                    zoning permit information, recreation facilities and programs, library hours and                            programs, voting locations and registration.


VII.          Open Discussion

  • Status of MIFD Engine 34 storage and display on the City Council agenda.                                  Stanaway will forward the request to C. Wainio to be placed on the council                         agenda.
  • The City of Mountain Iron Ordinances does not include an ordinance supporting Resolution 19-07 Establishing a Mountain Iron Public Safety and Health Board                          adopted by the City Council on April 16, 2007.  Discussion was held at a previous                    ordinance meeting to have the Board review a draft of the ordinance.  Request                      Chairperson contact C. Wainio, City Administrator for a draft copy to be reviewed.
  • No updates on the status of the MIFD input for the new Pierce fire truck build.
  • Request agenda and board minutes are sent via email and USPS mail due to the slow mail service.
  • Response to the MIFD April 10th letter to the Board will be discussed at the next meeting when MIFD representatives are present.
  • Discussion about St. Louis County traffic engineer response to City Council about denial of painted crosswalks across Mud Lake Road to South Grove Park and                             moving the 30 mph signage.
  • Discussion about Resolution Number 19-07 Establishing a Mountain Iron Public Safety and Health Board #5 Meetings and Officers and #7 Rules and Procedures.                             There are no adopted rules and procedures on file for this Board per the City                            Motion by S. Hunter and second by M. Soyring to discuss election                      of officers and #7 Rules and Procedures at the next Board meeting.  4 yes, 1 no.                             Motion carried.
  • Discussion to have the Board members be included on mailing list for all posted                             City Council, Boards and Committee meetings.  Chairperson A. Stanaway will                            contact the City Administrator about this request.
  • Discussion about the use of personal emails and text for Board/ City business.                                     Chairperson A. Stanaway will address this concern and the liability with C.                                     Wainio requesting viable options to do city business via email.


VIII.           Announcements

  • Ordinance meeting on June 11th at 6pm, City Hall changed to June 12th at 6 pm. Topic: Swimming Pools and Trees
  • Next Board meeting will be on June 26th at 6:30 pm with no meetings planned for July and August resuming again on September 25th.



Motion by M. Ratai and second by M. Soyring to adjourn. Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:59 P.M.


Respectfully submitted by:


Margaret A. Ratai



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