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City of Mountain Iron, Minnesota



In an emergency dial 911. The 911 operator can reach the appropriate person quickly by radio. To contact the sheriff’s office for NON-Emergencies please use the contact information below.

Contact Person

Sgt. Kevin Friebe who can be reached by phone at 748-7574 or 8586 Enterprise Drive South, Mountain Iron, MN 55768

Mission Statement

The St Louis County Sheriffs Office is committed to working with the City of Mountain Iron to provide professional law enforcement services designed to effectively meet the needs and concerns of the community. St Louis County shall continue to provide quality, cost effective service to the community. The primary goal is to develop partnerships within the community, working with the community to identify issued and implement programs that improve the quality of our service to the community. We care about and respect the citizens of Mountain Iron and shall remain vigilant and undaunted in our quest to provide community based law enforcement services to those we serve.


The St Louis County Sheriffs Office has provided law enforcement services to the City of Mountain Iron since March 1, 1975. The St Louis County Sheriffs Office-Mountain Iron is staffed by an administrative sergeant and five patrol deputies who provided 24 hr. coverage to the city. The St Louis County Sheriffs Office-Mountain Iron has full access to all the resources of the St Louis County Sheriffs Office while providing local law enforcement to the community. See St Louis County Sheriffs web site.

Crime Prevention Program

The St Louis County Sheriffs Office-Mountain Iron is in the process of developing a Crime Prevention program. By the end of this year (2001) we hope to have two of our Deputies trained as, Crime Prevention Specialists.

The Sheriffs Office is also activity involved in other community events such as the annual Halloween carnival, the Merritt Days, and the city’s fourth of July celebration.

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