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City of Mountain Iron, Minnesota

Request for Proposals

RFP CMAR Heliene

RFP Design Heliene

  • Part IV – Work Statement:  Indicates that preliminary design work for the project is completed.  Can further information regarding the completed preliminary design be provided? Working on it
  • Part IV – Work Statement:  Is the $5,800,000 estimated cost the construction cost or is that total project cost?  Total project cost would include soft costs, owner costs, FFE, A/E fees, etc. Yes total cost
  • Has geotechnical soil borings been performed for the site?  If so, is there a soils report available for review? No
  • Was an environmental study required?  Phase I or II?  If so, is there an environmental report available for review? Attached
  1. The building is termed a warehouse.  Please advise if this is for storage only, or will this building house manufacturing activities. Warehouse only
  2. Will this be a new stand-alone building, or will this be an addition to the existing precast structure? New stand-alone precast
  3. Are there additional support spaces required in the new building such as restrooms, locker rooms or office space? No other support service are needed at this time but the plumbing and electrical will need to be there to maybe support a change of use in the future
  4. What type of commodities will be stored in the warehouse, and will racking design be required as part of the services?  Are hazardous storage areas required? Components use for making solar panels, yes to racking, no to hazardous materials
  5. Is there an anticipated construction type – Pre-engineered building, conventional steel post and beam with insulated metal panels, or precast concrete?  Is there a planned height of the warehouse? Precast, the same height at the production facility
  6. Will there be bridge cranes or monorails required? no
  7. Does the existing building have sprinkler protection?  If so, does the system have capacity for this expansion? Anything for the warehouse needs to  be standalone
  8. Is cooling required for the warehouse?  Is there an anticipated heating source – natural gas, propane or electric? Yes and natural gas
  9. Are special utilities required in the new building, and if so are they available on site – service water for wash-down processes, compressed air, etc? no special utilities
  10. Part IV requests “exhibit design”.  Please advise the scope of work and intent. That just refers to the overall design of the building
  11. As Heliene is a solar panel manufacturer, will solar panels be incorporated into the building design? Yes they are, not panels are incorporated.

The warehouse is to be built with tip up concrete panels.  The design and style will replicate the current Heliene production facility located on the adjacent site.,-92.6049712,446m/data=!3m1!1e3

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