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City of Mountain Iron, Minnesota

Mountain Iron Water System Improvements

The city of Mountain Iron made improvements to its water system in order to continue providing clean safe drinking water and fire protection to its 2,500 community members. Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation supported the project with a $400,000 Community Infrastructure grant. Total project investment was $2.5 million.

The work included rehabilitating the city’s 400,000-gallon water tower, installing a new water filtering system to replace a 40-year old system, drilling a new well to mitigate potential future contamination and carrying out maintenance on current wells. The city received a $500,000 well development grant from Minnesota Public Facilities Authority to help offset the total project cost.

Mountain Iron Water Well Project
“One of our agency’s goals is to help communities improve, replace and modernize their foundational assets such as water systems,” said Commissioner Mark Phillips, Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation. “The agency’s investment into Mountain Iron helps the city continue providing essential water services to its residents and businesses.”

The project created 12 construction jobs. For Community Infrastructure grant information email Chris Ismil or call him at 218-735-3010.

Water tower image courtesy of Benchmark Engineering.



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