The Taconite Capital of the World

City of Mountain Iron, Minnesota

Meeting Minutes for November 27, 2001


Mayor Brunfelt called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

Present: Mayor Brunfelt, Councilor Matanich, Councilor Prebeg, and Councilor Roskoski. Also present were City Administrator Craig J. Wainio, Director of Public Works Don Kleinschmidt, Director of Parks and Recreation Larry Nanti, Sgt. Joe Stewart, Library Director Karen Louma, Fire Chief Tom Cvar and EMT Greg Chad.

Mayor Brunfelt opened the meeting with an explanation of the Taconite School Aid reversion and its relation ship to the City levy.

Mayor Brunfelt then moved into the discussion of the proposed 2002 operations budgets.

The Fire Department received their request for a budget increase to $75,300.

Emergency Management and Election increases were discussed.

Future funding requests from the Mesabi Humane Society were discussed.

The Street Department received their requested budget increase to $474,000.

The increase in building expenditures was discussed and as well as the associated fees for use of the buildings.

The Campground received their request for a budget increase to $41,500.

Recreation received their requested budget increase to $168,000 plus $15,000 in funding for maintenance on the Mesabi Trail.

The Library received their request for a budget of $110,240.

General Government was discussed with regard to intergovernmental cooperation, the QCEDA, the QCJRA and the TCBDA. The fiscal agent portions of the general government budget were also explained.

A recess occurred at 7:52PM.

The meeting was reconvened at 8:00PM.

The Capital Improvement Budget was then discussed and reviewed. The Mayor pointed out that there would be approximately $440,000 available for Capital Improvements in 2002.

The Committee then reviewed the items that require funding from the general fund.

The Sheriff�s request for a new vehicle was discussed and granted ($30,000)

Fiber Optic Network was presented and discussed and granted. ($25,000)

Unity Drive extension, screening equipment and land acquisition were discussed and not persuade at this time.

The Committee then reviewed the remaining items and agreed with the following.

Flail Mower ($65,000), Crack Sealing ($10,000), Building Maintenance/Parking ($25,000), Pagers for the Fire Department ($11,000), Pavilion Floor at the Campground ($10,000), Deliberators for the First Responders ($34,000) and fencing/dasher boards for the Park Department ($30,000).

The bonding issues were requested to be on the next regular City Council meeting Agenda.

Mayor Brunfelt adjourned the meeting at 10:00 p.m.

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