The Taconite Capital of the World

City of Mountain Iron, Minnesota

Meeting Agendas for November 03, 2003


Entire Packet Available in Acrobat Here

Roll Call

Consent Agenda

Minutes of the October 20, 2003, Regular Meeting (#1-11)

Bills and Payroll


Communications (#49-58)

Public Forum

Public Hearing � Street Assessments (#12-16)

Committee and Staff Reports

Mayor�s Report

Join MAOSC for 2003-2004 (#17-19)

Assessor/Mining effects for 2004 (#20-24)

City Administrator�s Report

Updated Fee List (#25-26)

Temporary Liquor License

Director of Public Works Report 

Director Parks and Recreation�s Report

Unfinished Business

Mountain Avenue Angle Parking (#27)

Payment/Suggestion Box Labels (#28)

Unity Addition Lot Subdivision (#29)

New Business

Resolution Number 36-03 Adopting Assessments (#39-40)

Resolution Number 37-03 Authorizing Grant Application (#30-31)

Ordinance Number 03-03 Administrative Penalties (#41-48)

2004 Audit Agreement (#32-36)

Brush Pile by City Garage (#37)

Anderson Conditional Use Permit (#38)

Library Renovations � RFP�s 1 & 2

Library Renovations � Pay Request Number 1

Communications (#49-58)

Open Discussion



Event Insurance

Recent News

Campground Reservations

West 2 Rivers Reservations

218-735-8831 or 218-749-0533

The campground office is open annually May-September. If you have any questions about reservations outside of these months, please call Mountain Iron City Hall at 218-748-7570.

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