The Taconite Capital of the World

City of Mountain Iron, Minnesota

Meeting Agendas for August 19, 2002


Roll Call

Consent Agenda

Minutes of the August 5, 2002, City Council Meeting (#1-11)

Bills and Payroll


Communications (#62-65)

Public Forum

Public Hearing � Unity Drive Overlay

Committee and Staff Reports

Director of Parks and Recreation

Dedication Plaque (#12-13)

Fire Department

Radio Quotes (#14)

City Engineer

West Two Rivers Development (#61)

Unity Addition Extension

Planning and Zoning Commission

Preliminary Plat (#15)

Director of Public Works

Street Striping Quotes (#16)

Unfinished Business

Community Center Sign Quotes (#17)

Damaged City/County Roads (#18)

New Business

Resolution 31-02 Intent to Annex (#19-24)

Resolution 32-02 Calling for Plans and Specifications (#24-25)

Resolution 33-02 Approving Plans and Specifications (#26-27)

Resolution 34-02 Awarding Bid (#28-32)

Position Analysis (#33-39)

Mesabi Trail (#40)

US Bank Agreement (#41-47)

Special Events Permit (#48-55)

Send a thank you to Merritt Days Committee (#56)

Send a thank you to City Crew for cleanup (#57)

Reschedule Next Meeting (#58)

Election Judges (#59-60)

Communications (#62-65)

Mayor’s Report

Open Discussion


COW Meeting � August 21st at 6:30PM


Event Insurance

Recent News

Campground Reservations

West 2 Rivers Reservations

218-735-8831 or 218-749-0533

The campground office is open annually May-September. If you have any questions about reservations outside of these months, please call Mountain Iron City Hall at 218-748-7570.

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