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Economic Development Authority Meeting Minutes for February 15, 2006

Regular Meeting Minutes

February 15, 2006

A meeting of the Mountain Iron Economic Development Authority was called to order by President Tony Zupancich at 5:30 p.m. with the following members present: Allen Nelson, Andrea Wilson, Bob Voss, Barb Fivecoate and Dale Irish. Also present was Executive Director, Craig J. Wainio.

Representatives from the potential developers for Park Ridge we present to discuss their proposal. Representatives included Guy Rossato, Pat Flynn, Ted Kavajec and Rocky Kavajec. A motion was made by Allen Nelson and supported by Barb Fivecoate to provide the development group an exclusive in the Park Ridge Development for up to 120 days in order to draft a development agreement. Motion carried unanimously. 

Irish moved to find out the City portion of the taxes on $7.5 million of market value at Park Ridge. Motion dies for lack of second.

A motion was made by Allen Nelson and supported by Bob Voss to approve the minutes of the February 1, 2006, meeting. Motion passed unanimously.

A motion was made by Barb Fivecoate and supported by Allen Nelson to approve payment of all bills as presented. Motion passed unanimously by roll call vote.

Gary Cerkvenik made a presentation concerning the possible development of a 30,000 square foot spec building in Mountain Iron. Allen Nelson moved and Barb Fivecoate seconded to make a proposal to the IRR for development of a spec building. Motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Allen Nelson and supported by Bob Voss to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed unanimously. 

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