The Taconite Capital of the World

City of Mountain Iron, Minnesota

City Directory

City of Mountain Iron Contacts
Title Name Phone
City Administrator Craig J. Wainio (218) 748-7570
Director of Public Works Tim Satrang (218) 748-7570
Municipal Services Sec. Amanda Inmon (218) 748-7570
Fire Chief Mark Madden (218) 748-7570
Zoning Administrator Jerry Kujala (218) 735-8446
Accounting Technician Lisa Stevens (218) 748-7570
Secretary Jackie Loeffen (218) 748-7570
Building Maintenance Terry Niska (218) 748-7570
Mountain Iron Law Enforcement Contacts
Title Name Phone
Sgt. In Charge Sgt. Kevin Friebe (218) 748-7574
Mountain Iron Library Contacts
Title Name Phone
Library Director Anna Amundson (218) 735-8625
Mountain Iron Water/Wastewater Contact
Title Name Phone
Water/Wastewater Contact Ty Hebl (218) 748-7570