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082918 PHSB Minutes

Mountain Iron

Public Safety and Health Board Minutes

August 29, 2018 

Meeting called to order by Chairperson Al Stanaway at 6:33 PM. Members present:  Margaret Ratai, Steve Skogman, Margaret Soyring, Al Stanaway, and Steve Hunter at 6:45.  Also present: First Responder Coordinator Jeff Cielocha, Fire Chief Gerry Knapper, Craig Wainio, and Administer.

Motion to approve the Consent Agenda by M. Soyring and second by M. Ratai. Motion carried.

Change to July 27, 2018 minutes.  Jeff Cielocha has been doing the training officer duties due to the absence of Devon Rowe in this capacity.  Board consent to approve the minutes with changes.

Committee and Staff Reports:

  1. First Responders report by Jeff Cielocha, Coordinator. First Responder calls will be reported to the Board quarterly after the payroll is completed. 

Follow-up meeting to be scheduled with Craig Wainio, Administrator, and Al Stanaway, Board Chairperson, regarding obtaining First Responder equipment from inactive members.  He left a voice message for one inactive member to return equipment with no response to date.

  1. Fire Department report by Gerry Knapper, Chief. Five fire calls to date in August, which included mutual aid calls.   One firefighter application was received.  Lisa Richards interviewed and recommended for hire.  Recommendation on next City Council agenda.
  2. Sheriff’s Department report. No report. Refer to July 30, 2018 email from Sgt. Backman about signage on Cty. 102 by the new day care center.  The St. Louis County Traffic Engineer states that a blind entrance sign request is a “non-factor”.  No signage will be installed.

Unfinished Business:

  1. AED Inventory:

First Responders and Fire Department AED inventory presented to Board.   Craig Wainio has the City inventory.

            One First Responder Phillip’s AED unit is on the recall list and must be taken out of service immediately.  Jeff Cieolcha will contact the First Responder to return the unit immediately included a date due.

            Recommendation by S. Skogman to have one person in City responsible for all AED inventory and keeping equipment current for improved record keeping.  This could be a delegated position.

            Recommendation by A. Stanaway to include AED funding in next year’s budget proposals for needed AEDs.

            Recommendation by J. Cielocha to purchase 8 AEDs at this time for the First Responders from ZOLL per quotes received and provided to the Board at the last meeting.  Additional needed AEDs will be included in the 2019 budget.  He noted that there is a rebate to return the Phillip’s AED that is being recalled if an order is placed now. There is no price point discount due to the State Bid system.

            Motion by S. Skogman and second by M. Ratai to allow the City Council to purchase 8 AEDs from the First Responder’s 2018 budget.  Discussion to add purchase equipment from ZOLL due to FDA approval.  Motion amended by S. Skogman to purchase equipment from ZOLL with second from M. Ratai. Motion carried.

            Discussion to include remaining needed First Responder, Fire Department and City AEDs in 2019 budget and order when budget is approved.

            Discussion to have monies set aside for future equipment purchases. The City Administrator due to accounting issues did not recommend this practice.

  1. MIFD Performance Review Policy and Procedure:

            Discussion by A. Stanaway and C. Wainio that all employee reviews have to be universal for all city employees.  The City Council Personnel Committee would have to review.  At this time, Al and not presented the MIFD Performance Review Policy and Procedure to the Personnel Committee.

            Discussion to develop a new plan for performance review with mentoring that would meet City criteria.

New Business:

  1. Ordinance Review: Meeting on September 12th at 6:00 PM in Council Chambers to initiate ordinance review.  Office staff will send out notices.

Open Discussion:

  1. Air Pack Inspection Policy and Procedure was passed by the City Council in August.
  2. Fire Hall. Discussion by S. Skogman about organization status of fire department fluids and trip hazards. He recommends that the Fire Chief contact the Director of Public Works to order shelving and have it installed to improve Fire Hall safety and organization. The shelving will come out of the Fire Dept. budget.

            Outdated Fire gear should be disposed or sold/given away with a written waiver when the new gear arrives.

            Gerry Knapper will plumb the air compressor to outside air to comply with specs.

            Discussion about need for new 1000-gallon pumper truck at 15 gallons/minute.

            Discussion on continued issues with truck 188 and needed repairs.  The truck is costing more in repairs than the initial purchase.

            Recommendation by S. Skogman to order a new truck before 2019 to purchase agreement. Discussion by A. Stanaway to also check into other funding such as grants and lease to purchase.

Motion by S. Skogman and second by M. Soyring to purchase a new pumper truck by the end of 2018. Motion carried.

  1. Skogman will request purchase be included on the next City Council agenda.
  2. Proposal by MIFD and First Responders to combine the programs. This would be beneficial for grant writing and data.  There are some fire fighters who are interested in becoming First Responders with the required 48 hour First Responder training. 

            First Responders would not have to be fire fighters and fire fighters would not have to be First Responders.

            Discussion to review the City Ordinances to make this change.

            Chairperson A. Stanaway will add item to next agenda.

Motion by S. Skogman and second by M. Soyring to adjourn the meeting at 7:38.  Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by:

Margaret Ratai

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